7 Quality

About us

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The Company..

7Quality™  offers sensible HR and training solutions to the Hospitality and Service industries. We carry out training needs assessments, conduct training programs, evaluate training effect on performance, and offer HR integrated solutions. We provide Human Resources and Training consultancy services to improve employees’ performance. This will reflect on customers’ satisfaction and will bring positive results to the business. To measure the success of the employees, the company carries out Service audit (Mystery Shopper report). We are a UAE based company, with international presence in Egypt and KSA.

Our Profile..

The company is the inspiration of its founders, who are versatile accomplished executive backed by more than 25 years of experience of leading organizational development and human resources initiatives mainly in hospitality, banking, industrial and trading. The company has over 20 years wealth of particular experience in hospitality, retail and real estate industries, with true HR expertise and special interest in quality and customer service excellence. We support strategic business results, and link human assets to business outcomes. We have proven records of helping clients grow, into international markets.

Our Partners..

The company also has a partnership with two Dubai based companies; Civil Soft and Kitmeer

Our Mission

We upgrade Service Standards throughout the Middle East.

7Quality  creates awareness in people and organizations, through Training and themed Programs.

Our Vision..

By providing simple and effective sensible solutions to businesses and in particular to the hospitality industry, 7Quality™  vision is to be regarded as the preferred HR and Training consultant in the UAE and the GCC by 2015.

Why the '7'..

Because we believe that implementing our unique 7 Solutions will guarantee 7Quality™  Key Results, for 7 days a week .